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Enduro Bites are not glorified snack bars marketed as performance food and loaded with sugar and junk. They were specifically created to give athletes the fuel to help improve performance during activities that require sustained endurance and energy. 

Four bites = 400 calories  You get more from your bar with Enduro Bites. Instead of buying multiple bars, we made them with endurance in mind. Each bite has 100 calories so you can plan your fueling as you need.

Racer tested – The recipe has been tailored based on feedback from world-class athletes to make Enduro Bites easier to eat and digest while on the gas. And with 4 servings per package, there’s more high-performance nutrition per package to fuel your adventures.

Great tasting – This isn’t another glorified candy bar or dry cereal bar. Enduro Bites are moist and full of flavor without being too sweet.

Easy on your stomach – You suffer enough training and racing  your fuel shouldn’t make you suffer more. Made with ingredients proven to be easier to digest, we also left out some of the ingredients that can cause trouble: No dairy, gluten, wheat, pollen, or soy protein.

All-natural – No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. We don't want to consume junk or chemicals, so we made them without (the stuff). We don't like to consume these things, so we don't put them in our products.

Shipped fresh from Colorado – Other products often sit in warehouses for months before reaching consumers -- and they taste like it. We make Enduro Bites in small batches in Colorado to guarantee each order is shipped fresh.

Recommended use: Eat 1 Enduro Bite every 20 to 40 minutes during training and racing based on your caloric needs and fueling strategy. You can also consume 1 to 2 Enduro Bites immediately prior to training to get a head start on your fueling. Store Enduro Bites in the refrigerator or in the freezer to maintain their fresh-made taste. They won't freeze solid, so you can grab 'em to eat right out of the freezer (which makes them hard to resist!).


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