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It was a small garage in Lindhurst, NY. That’s where Jose Morales, Sr. learned his trade and went on to become a master mechanic.

For several years, he ran an AAMCO facility. And then in 1994, he set up his own shop on the busy corner of JKF Boulevard at 52nd Street in North Bergen. JRM Auto Service still proudly serves motorists from its original location.

“My dad was a mechanic as long as I can remember,” said Jose Morales, Jr., now second-generation owner of JRM Auto Service. “Growing up, we were inseparable. I was his shadow, working around cars all the time, fixing them and then later racing them. I learned so much from my dad, not just his knowledge as a mechanic, but also about how to treat customers and make the shop function.”


Long-time customers might remember Jose Jr. (aka Junior) as that bold teenager who worked in the shop, holding his own alongside the other mechanics so many years ago. They might also think of him as that crazy young kid who was known for blowing out motors doing burnouts and then rebuilding them the next day. Well, a lot has changed since then.


Like Father Like Son


At about 2008, a wave of new technology began to transform the automatic service industry. A man, his tools and his knowledge were no longer enough in order to compete successfully. Sophisticated computer diagnostics became standard as cars, SUVs and trucks were now run by intricate electronic brains. Junior embraced the new technology and put it to work to help their customers. Today, JRM Auto Service uses the most advanced scanners and diagnostics equipment available. And their mechanics are still among the best in the business.


[Note to Jr.: Here, I’d like to add that comment I mentioned from your dad about you, something about how proud he was to have passed the business along to you. As part of his quote, can we get him to agree to this: “Because he’s been working on cars for so many years, Junior has an incredible knowledge base. He has the ability to solve problems in ten minutes that would take some technicians an entire day. And he always wants to do more, better and faster.”]


Still Family Owned and Operated


JRM Auto Service is still a family-owned, locally operated business. It’s still a place where customers know they’ll get affordable rates, and honest and dependable service. And of course it’s fully licensed, certified and insured.


Education is Good for the Soul…of Your Car


Now older and wiser, Junior isn’t blowing out motors anymore. But he does teach his customers how not to blow out their motors. The time he spends educating customers is one of the things that sets JRM Auto Service apart. It’s a place where women and men alike can change from saying “I really don’t know what to do!” to “Oh now I understand.” Education is a big part of what they do.


Junior said: “The other day, a customer came in who was really upset. She told me she had just spent $700 on her car and it was still broken. I took a look and showed her why. The previous garage had used cheap parts that didn’t even hold up for a week. Then I explained her options in a way that she could make a good decision.


“We don’t use fear to try to get our customers to spend money on things they don’t need, like some garages do. We’re truthful and honest. When there’s danger or urgency, we tell them clearly. But when they can wait to make a less pressing repair, we tell them that, too. Basically, we treat their cars like they’re our own. We really care about our customers and their vehicles.”